Web-Based / Anytime Trainings

Acquired & Traumatic Brain Injury (ATBI) Case Management

More Info: AKTC Support – 907-264-6244 – support@alaskachd.org

This training covers the basic information that will benefit case managers in how to effectively work with individuals experiencing ATBI (Acquired & Traumatic Brain Injury).

This is a self-paced online training, incorporating recordings of five 90 minute audioconference sessions, companion training materials, post-tests for each topic, and an overall post/pre evaluation. Once all training requirements have been completed, a certificate of completion will be issued.

This training is approved by SDS as one of the criteria for eligibility as a renderer of Medicaid-funded ATBI Targeted Case Management.

Anger Reduction and Stress Management

More Info: Jill Ramsey – 907-264-6288 – jill@alaskachd.org

This self-paced, web-based training focuses on increasing staff understanding and managing feelings of anger, productive and unproductive expressions of anger, thinking errors, conflict resolution and the COPE method of problem solving as well as covers self care and steps to help reduce stress and anger for ALL staff who work in housing settings like homeless outreach, shelters, or other residential settings.

Ethics and Boundaries

More Info: Jill Ramsey – 907-264-6288 – jill@alaskachd.org

Ethics and Boundaries for the direct service provider. This training was designed with the residential direct service provider in mind and addresses professional ethical behavior relative to conflicts of interest, personal and client property, solving ethical dilemmas, and recognizing issues of ethics and boundaries in the workplace.

Introduction to Disabilities

More Info: Betsy Chivers – 907-264-6233 – betsy@alaskachd.org

This course is for individuals new to the field of disability services with a special focus on Direct Care Service Providers and Professionals (DSP) and services for individuals who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). This course is intended to provide a wide perspective of basic information about several common types of disabilities. Included are descriptions of some of the challenges individuals experience that are diagnosed with these disabilities remembering that each individual’s experience is unique.

Mental Health Basics

More Info: Jill Ramsey – 907-264-6288 – jill@alaskachd.org

Designed for direct care workers providing services to people with mental illness diagnoses, this two-hour course provides an overview of major mental health diagnoses (Axis I), symptoms, and associated pharmacology.

Prevention of Abuse & Neglect of Vulnerable Adults

More Info: Jill Ramsey – 907-264-6288 – jill@alaskachd.org

This Training is intended to educate direct service workers regarding the dynamics of adult abuse and neglect, the laws intended to protect this population and reporting obligations under these laws. This Training will also provide caregivers with tools to respond more effectively to adults in their care.

Psychiatric Advance Directives

More Info: Jill Ramsey – 907-264-6288 – jill@alaskachd.org

This is an online tool. Under state and federal laws, we all have rights to make decisions about our medical care and treatment. This right includes deciding the type and extent of psychiatric treatment one will receive. During this course you will learn about a tool that can be used to document your wishes and help ensure they are communicated to mental health professionals during a time of crisis. This online course will also help you develop your own psychiatric advance directive using an interactive tool available at the end of the course. You will be able to save a copy to your computer and print it for use in guiding your care and treatment.