Annual Events

Full Lives Conference for Direct Service Professionals

The Full Lives Conference features national and Alaskan experts on key issues that affect direct service staff and the people they support.

Frontline Leadership Institute

The Alaska Training Cooperative provides this 3-day training institute involving sharing of information, group activities, and insights into successful strategies for developing leadership skills and supporting your frontline support staff.

Alaska Brain Institute

The institute will focus on community based long-term brain injury rehabilitation and will take a team approach in examining this strategy.

Annual Elders Summit

The Elder Summit experience gives our Elders, Seniors, and Pioneers an environment and forum where they can be listened to, learned from, and honored for the wisdom and life learning they possess.

Recidivism Conference

The Recidivism Conference provides the opportunity for support staff to identify challenges that Trust beneficiaries face when transitioning out of the correctional system.