Alaska Core Competencies for Direct Care Workers in Health and Human Services

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The Alaska Core Competencies are a set of essential skills for direct service professionals who deliver services to persons with mental health, substance use conditions, intellectual and physical disabilities, and older adults who need long-term services and support. The Competencies target staff working in all sectors of Human Services at the bachelor’s level and below.

Working with professionals to provide children, adults, and families with a competent, caring and empowering service, the Alaska Training Cooperative provides assistance and support to embed the Alaska Core Competencies into workforce training.

Ten broad competency categories are broken down into 42 individual competencies with each competency defined by behavioral descriptors allowing for effective evaluation.

  1. Working with Others
  2. Assessing Strengths and Needs
  3. Planning Services
  4. Providing Services
  5. Linking to Resources
  1. Advocating
  2. Individualizing Care
  3. Documenting
  4. Behaving Professionally and Ethically
  5. Developing Professionally
Core Comp Training Photo
Core Comp Training Photo
Core Comp Training Photo

Our Alaska Core Competency Success Numbers:
2013 2014 2015 2016 Totals
Trained in all 10 Competencies 165 114 135 84 498
Trained in some Competencies 216 158 408 327 1,109

Download an electronic version of the Alaska Core Competencies booklets:

Alaska Core Competencies Booklet (PDF 2.1 MB)

Assessment Tools for the Alaska Core Competencies (PDF 4.2 MB)

Alaska Core Competencies Comparison Tool (PDF 1.2 MB)

You can find additional resources at this website:

The Alaska Training Cooperative trained its fifth cohort of Core Competency Trainers in the Fall of 2016. Trainers are selected through an application process with only 20 seats available to attend the Train the Trainer event. The two-day course covers the background history and vision of the Core Competencies. Trainers are required to teach all ten Competencies twice and participate in a “Learning Community” which operates as a support network and resource group for all trainers.