Opioids: The Path To Addiction The Climb To Recovery (Understanding Opioids: Biology and Pharmacology Basic Science/Core Concepts)

C.E. Credit for BH – Alaska Board of Social Work Examiners: 2.50 [pending]

Contact Hours: 2.50

C.E. Credit: 2.50 [pending] Specialization: Prescribed

Open to medical and mental health providers.

Physicians and State Regulators present an in-depth analysis of opiates, their benefits, risks, and treatment interventions for addiction.

This is an opportunity for health professionals, mental health providers, or interested community members to learn about the current status and response to the opioid epidemic in our communities.

Weekly Sessions: (Each session requires a separate registration and $40 payment. Please use the links below to register for sessions. Each session is between 5:30 PM and 08:30 PM)

Nov 29 – Spiritual Recovery Systems – Dr. Paula Colescott, Corey Schmidlkofer, Charity and Kris Carmody

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For additional information contact Jenifer Leigh, 907-786-6453, jwleigh@alaska.edu