Frontline Leadership

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December 3-5, 2019 in Anchorage

April 14-16, 2020 in Fairbanks.

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Host: The Alaska Training Cooperative,, or 907-264-6244

CPI – Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (NCI)

This is a two-day training (12 hours total of staff training) for a one-year certification for new staff in crisis prevention techniques and de-escalation to assist with increasing the care, welfare safety & security. Please dress comfortably and wear closed toed shoes, as some training activities will be physical.

Tuesday & Wednesday, January 21 & 22, 2020 at 09:00 AM until 04:00 PM

Host: The Alaska Training Cooperative,, or 907-264-6228

Conflict Resolution Skills/Alternatives to Violence (AVP) Workshop – BASIC or ADVANCED

BASIC training will present conflict resolution skills through experiential learning exercises and practice with the goal of helping Direct Service providers and community members to think about and make choices to reduce conflicts in work and everyday settings. There will be 18 Contact Hours associated with this training.

Classes will be listed as soon as they become available.

ADVANCED is an 18 hour second level workshop is for those who have already taken the Basic workshop. This workshop focuses on the underlying causes of violence in and outside ourselves as well as the role and pieces we bring to ourselves and the world as peacemakers.

Host: The Alaska Training Cooperative,, or 907-264-6276

Person-Centered Thinking, Planning & Services

Person-Centered Thinking, Planning & Services is a distance delivered course tailored to the needs of Person-Centered Planning Facilitators and families/staff who participate in planning activities for individuals who experience disabilities.

This class will teach person-centered thinking, planning, and service delivery approaches, focusing on Personal Futures Planning, MAPS and PATHS for people who experience disabilities. Online / Web Delivered. Cost $125.00

Classes will be listed as soon as they become available: 

Trauma 101

The Trauma 101 training focuses on understanding how trauma impacts the body and the brain, how people adapt to trauma, and what we can do as providers and community members to support recovery and resiliency.


C.E. Credit for BH – Alaska Board of Professional Counselors: 4.00
C.E. Credit for BH – Alaska Board of Social Work Examiners: 4.00

Classes will be listed as soon as they become available:

Host: Alaska Child Trauma Center at ACMHS,, 907-762-2852

2010 ADA Standards – New!

Based on the 2010 updated Department of Justice regulation under the ADA, this course provides an overview of the changes in the regulations, effective dates for new construction and alteration, provisions for new construction, provisions for existing facilities, and scoping of technical provisions. (Approximate time: 60 Min Total) More information at: